Elipsis EZ Gallery LS Pro - $15

Elipsis EZ Gallery LS Pro is a Joomla!tm image gallery module based on the Lazy Load jQuery plugin, it only loads images that are in the view, this speeds up the loading of the images on your website.

There are two versions a FREE version with limited features and a PRO version with full features.


How to Use

Sort By
Sort images by Date New/Old (default), Date Old/New, Name A/Z or Name Z/A
*NOTE: If you upload several images via FTP you will get the same timestamp on several images so the date sort will not show all images. Please upload one image at a time.

Image Type
Default is jpg, you can use gif and png.

Images Folder
Gallery folder name in the /images/ folder. i.e. gallery1. Default Joomla!tm /images folder.

Gallery Height (px)
Default is 600px.

Gallery Width
Default Gallery Width 100, percent or pixels selected below.

(% or px)
Setting for the Galley Width default is 100%.

Horizontal Space (px)
Space between images in the gallery.

Module Class Suffix
Applies a different CSS to the module, see documentation here.